The waffle wagon is alive and well in Reykjavik and it’s called Vöffuvagninn. They aren’t very social media active, however you can find them on Twitter where they haven’t tweeted since 2015. (Yes I know it would be nicer if they tweeted their locations, but where’s the adventure in that?)

It’s the best ever Belgium waffle ever — hands down. Sometimes it’s right outside near Hallgrimskirkja during the day. And on weekend evenings it’s pretty much guaranteed to be at Park Laekjartorg on the main drag near the Gray Line Iceland and just up from Harpa. Finding them outside these two locations might be a little adventure, but find it you must. Their hours? One website claims 11am to 9pm but I found them at Park Laekjartorg much later than 9pm once.

Topping choices galore. Nutella, berries, sugar, caramel with cream, chocolate sauce, jam and cream, cinnamon and cream, ice cream (!) and yes, more. You can also get a plain waffle merely topped with unsweetened whipped cream…yeah, I want another one right now.

Just look for the bright yellow wagon with an awning and the winking waffle. “Freshly baked Belgian Waffles since 2001.” Don’t miss out. It’s a huge treat eating one in the crisp outdoor air.

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