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Hi!  I’m Ana, a traveler & writer who likes to know some backstory about places I visit. And once I’ve been, I have opinions about what to see & what to skip. For the places I visit time & time again I offer up my best tips.  All rights reserved. All photos were taken by and belong to me.


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Dove Cottage, Grasmere

Not a big Wordsworth or poetry fan? You don’t have to be to visit Dove Cottage. In fact, on its own, Dove Cottage offers huge insights about life in the countryside of England in the Read more…


Day tripping in York

  I found that York is drenched in so much history there’s only one way to get a decent overview in a day — the White Rose York Tour. While advertised as ‘free’ be assured Read more…


Grasmere or Buttermere?

Grasmere? Buttermere? Do you have time for only one mere this autumn? Then I choose Buttermere! (In case you are wondering, mere is the archaic word for lake.) Grasmere Naturally, first time Lake District goers Read more…


Watermill Inn, Cumbria UK

Wandering to Windermere in Cumbria will take you past the little hamlet of Ings. Blink and you might miss it but the Watermill Inn & Brew Pub is a must stop and here’s five quick Read more…


Above the Arctic Circle

  Longyearbyen is the city, Svalbard the archipelago, Spitsbergen the island, and Norway the country. Yes, it’s a mouthful — of winter style fun. Best time to go? March and April. Plan your late winter Read more…


Bike Town, Oregon

With nearly 25,000 bike paths and trails in the Portland metro area you have to agree that Portland is without a doubt Bike Town. From paved to dirt and city to forest, the choices are Read more…

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