Yikes, I know, this sounds very un-Twin Peaks to write, but let me give some insight as to why you should skip the Salish Lodge & Spa, AKA The Great Northern Hotel as filmed in the Twin Peaks series.

1) Snoqualmie, where most scenes are filmed, is only 29 miles from Seattle. Value for your money for a hotel goes very far in Seattle compared to Snoqualmie. Rates for Salish Lodge & Spa run from $300 to $999.

2) You can’t tell from the Salish Lodge & Spa website, but the big hydroelectric plant will be the main attraction from your river view suite or room. You’ll barely even be able to see the beginning of the Snoqualmie Falls that is the real visual treat. For that, you’ll have to walk for about 15 to 20 minutes down a path to an observation outlook. The walk to the view is worth it, but you won’t find it from your room.

3) Salish Lodge needs room updating and other maintenance. At one of the dining area, parts of the roof looked like it was falling apart, the window sills needed repainting and speaking of windows! The windows were unfortunately dirty and distracted from what should be a fabulous view.

4) There will be weddings. In my experience that means you will pushed out of some of the quiet public rooms to make way for those parties.

5) Spring or summer time? I’m looking right now for another word for: crowded. Let’s say packed or swarming. You get the idea.

6) The food? Not bad, not great. Again, in Seattle you’ll have plenty of good places with excellent food.

My recommendation. Stay in Seattle, get up early and make a nice day trip to Snoqualmie. Even die-hard Twin Peaks fans can do all the locations in a day.

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