It’s a big world out there and little time and money to see it all. That’s why it’s important to know what to see and what to skip. Whether it’s a city, the supposed hot hotel, or highly publicized restaurant  — why waste your time on tourist rabbit holes that exist to siphon your money, time and energy. Each of the cities, hotels and eateries reviewed here have been personally visited by me, your curmudgeonly minded traveler, who has decades of travel all across the globe in more than 40 countries. I review places popular like the obvious Paris and London. And places not so obvious like Longyearbyen and Inis Meain. No matter where, my opinion will offer valuable tips and help uncover hidden gems. I’m not talking high end travel, nor am I talking low end travel. I’m talking about getting the most bang for the buck whatever that buck may be.

Like what you ask? Here’s one small example. In Iceland the well known and well photographed Seljalandsfoss located along the southern Route 1 that has the ‘walk behind the waters‘ path is a crowded stopping point for tourists. However, just a 10 minute walk north across the field, where few people go, is the remains of an old stone hut with its own waterfall behind it. Walk toward that hidden waterfall and you’ll find an opening to a plunge pool. You will be rewarded with a bit of history, beauty and lots of quiet.

And while I’m talking Iceland…as for visiting the famous Seljalandsfoss (foss=waterfall), carefully time your visit. It’s so popular now that the locals find the area trashed, muddy and recently had to haul in a porta-loo to help rescue the waterfall landscape. They also instituted a parking fee to help pay to keep it cleaned up. Iceland needs to be visited off-season when the hordes and the damage they do is minimized. Sadly and perhaps better yet, hold off until the visit Iceland popularity wanes a bit. But if you’re traveling high season then bottom line:

What to Skip: Seljalandsfoss waterfall in the south of Iceland if more than 10 cars and a bus are in the parking area

Pictures Left to Right: Seljalandsfoss, Hut with Nearby Waterfall, Close up of plunge pool
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