Interested in another off the slightly beaten path for your off-season Icelandic adventure? The time from October – May is the best way to visit without the crowds, and here’s a place to witness one of Iceland’s many wild sides.

The Knarraros lighthouse. This modernistic double storied tower is Iceland’s first lighthouse constructed with reinforced concrete and was completed in 1939. I parked, grabbed a snack and sat down gazing into the distance. That’s when I realized the land and paths around and below the lighthouse were alone worth the diversion. And with the sun starting to set, afternoons are easily the best time to wander there.

Walking toward the ocean, the patchwork multitude of small ponds, lava and wild grass were sprinkled with snow. In the distance the rough ocean spray flung itself high in the air as the violence Atlantic Ocean hit against lava’s end. It’s a tremendous vision of the pure brute power of nature.

Mesmerized, I ended up easily taking more than an hour and a half exploring this wild expanse. By the way, where ocean meets land? That’s not a beach! That’s lava rock and no place for walking nearby!

Directions: South of Selfoss is Stokkeyri, which can be reached via the 34 or the 314. Then take the 33 south for 3 miles (5km) and you’ll see the lighthouse easily on your right hand side.

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